Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Busy Day!!!!!!

Hello family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How goes it???? Wow. Lol
just wow. Today has been great and too busy! And the internet
connection test my patience in all the right ways, lol it took a full
hour for myldsmail to load today and in addition to this lovely little
present, we were an hour late to email because we waited in line at
the grocery store for about 45 mins longer than we should have because
all of the people in front of us were literally buying boxes and BOXES
of food and other amenities. Lol but its okay! Because I at least got
like 30 mins to send you this email!

Wow. This week has been crazy! I've been on exchanges with sisters in
Sorsogon! Which was awesome! Because I met a Pakistani sister!
Literally from Pakistan! Its awesome! It was a very humbling
experience talking to her. When she came tot he Philippines she could
hardly speak English and she definitely couldn't speak Tagalog and
after about 7 months she still can't speak it but she works very hard!
And she is so kind a loving! Lol I got her comfortable with me because
I shared my sincere love for all things Bollywood! Lol so we were
humming/slyly singing some of her favorite Bollywood songs. Which were
of course my favorite songs also! Lol its was great. Also there is a
NZ sister serving in the same area living in the same apartment so I
had a good time talking with her and comparing and contrasting
biscuits from here vs biscuits from NZ. And our conclusion was ...
there is no competition hahahaha. We love the Philippines pero NZ wins
every time in that department I'm afraid.

While we went on exchanges I learned way more than I thought I would!
It was incredible! I wish I had time to share everything with you now!
But I can't. Instead I will share a few things from this week. We
taught some pretty great lessons but the lesson that I learned the
most from this week was a lesson for myself. Things between my
companion and I aren't the greatest so far. I know I annoy her a lot
and vice versa. So the greatest challenge I had this week wasn't the
language. It was controlling my temper and increasing my love. It was
very difficult. I'm not going to lie. But through the trials and
misunderstandings that I had with her many times this week I learned
so much about myself! In Mormon chapter 9:31 it talks about
imperfections. And how the stories and lessons learnt and taught int
he Book Of Mormon were not meant for us to judge harshly. They were
given to us from Heavenly Father so that we could learn from the
mistake of those wise and faithful men. That really made and
impression on me this week. And it stuck with me. Also a quote that I
read somewhere "The greatest possession, is SELF POSSESSION." The
truth of this statement has literally come alive for me this week! It
is important for all of us to find an inner balance where with nothing
and no one (eventually) will be able to tip it, except for Heavenly
Father. No matter how upset, frustrated or annoyed I got this week I
didn't allow it to effect how I treated those around me or how I chose
to act. I controlled my emotions and made sure that I didn't RE-ACT to
those around me. While most people RE-ACT to the emotions and
behaviors of others only a few people know how to simply ACT. They
don't allow their surroundings to dictate who they are, or how they
want to be. They know this for themselves and that knowledge alone is
enough for them. This is a strength brothers and sisters that I am
trying with all of my heart to emulate.

Thank you for your prayers for the investigators and less active
members that we teach. I have felt your faith and your kindness
throughout the week and let me tell you it has made a huge difference!
We had brand new investigators and less active members attend church
this Sunday and it was a truly marvelous site! The joy that comes from
doing the Lord's work is honestly a joy that I have never felt in my
life, but that I am so incredibly grateful that I have now! Thank you
for you faith! It humbles me and adds to my testimony any time that I
am required to bear it.

I love you all so much! I'm sorry that I can't share more! Today was
an ultimate fail time wise but next week will be better!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

And can some one please thump John on the head for not emailing me
yet? Its been 2 months!

Okay really gotta go now! Love you!

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