Monday, January 6, 2014

Magadang Hapon Po!!!

Ay BADAW! It has been raining EVERY single day for like the past 2 weeks! Lol it definitely sucks on P-Day kase if the sun isn't out then my clothes take like 2-3 days to dry all the way .... most times more. Lol by the time they dry sometimes I have to wash everything again. It's whatever tho!
Okay so I got a full body rash once I finally got over that whole chikungunya thing. They finally went away a couple of days ago. And in addition to this I got ........ LICE! Yeah I knew it was only a matter of time. I seriously hug so many people, especially after lessons with a lot of our older investigators. Also all the little kids are always jumping on me, or hugging me hahaha I'm surprised its taken this long. So many of them are from really humble circumstances tho, and when I say humble I mean they are really poor. So ..... yeah its okay I have the shampoo and I will comb all the little suckers out tomorrow. Lol I also cleaning all my clothes and bedsheets so its okay. I'm going to put my sheets in a plastic bag once they're dry and let them sit in the sun. Since we literally don't have dryers anywhere thats the next best thing hahaha. I consider these experiences as blessings. Seriously where else would I get to do all this stuff?
Also my companion and I finally reached the standard of excellence for lessons taught in one week! So at the beginning of the last transfer the standard of excellence was raised significantly. Our goal each week is to reach 35 lessons (15 member present lessons and 15 recent convert or less active member lessons and 5 other lessons taught)  to investigators and recent converts or less active members. My companion and I were close many times last transfer pero we weren't able to get there, but we did this past week! And it feels so good! Finally haha! I was pondering that this last night and during the day today and it truly is a miracle! We also got 5 new investigators and a few of them are really special! I am excited to see their progression! One of them his name is Joric, we taught him on Saturday night the first lesson and invited him to Church. He was a result of OYM and we were originally going to teach his mom but she kind of offloaded us onto her son hahaha it was really sweet tho. When we gave her the pamphlet and gave her a little background she immediately pointed to her son (Joric he's 19 yrs old) and repeatedly told us that he was a really good boy. SO we set a return appointment. After the first lesson and our invitation to him to come to church we coordinated with one of the young men in our ward to pick him up for church. Yesterday we dropped by his house to remind him about church and he was still sleeping hahaha and there was like 30 mins left until church started. Well he said he would go and about 20 mins after church started he came! He stayed for all 3 hours and even participated in Gospel Principles! It was so awesome. Later that day we texted him and asked him how he felt about attending church. He told us that he felt really happy the whole time and that he didn't feel bored at all. We were so happy to hear this! And in the next text he sent us he told us that he wanted to know more about the Mormons and he asked us to teach him the next day! Today! Lol we rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon so I am excited and a little scared lol. If you are wondering why I am scared I will tell you! So another sister in our district was made STL this transfer pero she's training right now .... the whole situation is a bit strange to be honest because we have 2 STL's in our zone but they aren't companions. So whenever they have to go on exchanges we will go on splits. They will be companions and I will be companions WITH THE TRAINEE. Her name is Sister Phillips and she's from Washington. Lol tomorrow is MLC and Sister Papica and Sister Eracho are going to Legazpi while Sister Phillips and I stay here in Bulan and work in both of our areas for the day. Lol I should be more nervous about these exchanges because I literally JUST finished my training, and she is STILL training and we’re both Americans hahaha. SO yeah say a little prayer for us! Lol we will need it. But like I said I have no idea why but I am just not that nervous about tomorrow. I’m actually a little excited because I know that I am going to learn A LOT and that thought over rides any fear that I have about failing. Because I still can’t understand very well and because I am a transfer ahead I am the temporary senior companion …. It’s okay tho! Pananadmpalataya! Oh and also we have another baptism this week! She is from a less active family pero since we've been teaching her, her family has been slowly coming back to church. They are really happy that she is getting baptized :)
I am grateful for the growing experiences that Heavenly Father continues to give me. Talaga. Heavenly Father is slowly helping me become better and slowly helping me trust Him. These things aren't given freely, they require work and sacrifice. Often times when we are praying for specific blessings we have to suffer and we have to experience pain and sorrow, whether it be physical or emotional these sacrifices are required. I have seen this for myself and for the investigators that we teach. What I know tho, with every fiber in my being is that the blessings that we are given, once our sacrifice and suffering is over are sweeter and more beautiful than anything we asked for and its ALWAYS more than we imagined. In 3 Nephi 13:33-34 it says "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof." I know that these things are true. Often times when we are being tried we have to it one day at a time. Our prayers become simple, and our want's and desires become minimal. That's okay. In Alma 32 it talks about humility. And that often times we have to be compelled to be humbled. This process is natural and essential for our eternal and spiritual growth. Jesus Christ is central to everything that we teach because from Him we can draw strength and through our faith in Him we can become MORE. More than we ever thought possible and more than we ever knew we could be. In our times of need lean on Heavenly Father. It is the greatest gift from God when He teaches us how to lean on Him. And to remember him when we are experience great sorrow and pain. I know this Gospel is true and the happiness and joy that it brings is unlike anything that I have ever felt in my life. I love my area and every single person that we teach!

I love my family and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to communicate with you every week! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be safe and stay healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are always in my prayers! 

I love you always!

Sister Fonua :)

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