Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Area

so obviously I am obsessed with my area! Lol and I love that we can see the volcano all the time hahaha. ALSO there is a place in our area that literally looks like it belongs in Africa haha the second picture is a tiny part of it. 

ALSO I am straight black now haha as you can see by the pictures. We spend so much time just walking to all of our appointments and yeah .... I'm getting nice and crispy now lol!
Also I didn't mention this but we ended up having a REALLY successful week! Lol we explored new streets and places in our areas and we contacted some seriously golden people! We had so many adventures and we met and talked to SO MANY PEOPLE! I had SO MUCH FUN!!! The work is working! Sorry I forgot to include this with the things that I'm learning lol. The blessings and things we learn in life are precious and are meant to be treasured. They are the very treasures that we lay up in Heaven and they are the things and deeds that will carry us to the celestial kingdom! 

Love you!
Sister Fonua

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